The Best Ways to Garden with Pets

It’s time to head back outside to work on your garden now that spring has sprung! While gardening is a wonderful hobby, it’s vital to keep in mind that your pet may be exposed to some risks. When it comes to pet gardening safety, prevention is crucial. Many plants and building materials used in gardens are poisonous or hazardous to pets if consumed. There are several crucial guidelines you should adhere to in order to keep your furry pet safe.

Do your homework: Be sure to take the time to find out which plant species are hazardous or dangerous for your pet before you plant anything in your garden. Before adding any new vegetation to your garden area, start with the ASPCA’s complete list of recognized poisonous plants.

Be cautious of objects that are stored: Your pet’s curiosity may prompt them to investigate locations you wouldn’t anticipate, such as a shed or garage where poisons like antifreeze, rat poison, and pesticides are kept. When bringing these things into your home, be sure to keep them safely tucked away and out of your pet’s reach.

Build fences: Building a fence around your garden area can assist in protecting your pet from any potential harm that could be found in the soil or on the plants themselves. To prevent further escape attempts, if at all feasible, use a material that won’t corrode over time or is simple for them to climb over!

Plant pet-friendly vegetation: Spend some time learning which plant species are safe for pets and which ones can be poisonous. Aloe vera, daffodils, and lilies are examples of typical plants that can be harmful to animals. Replace it with some pet-friendly plants like catnip, lavender, or mint!

If you’re seeking for an organic substitute for chemical fertilizers, take into account employing compost or manure as a safer option that is nonetheless quite efficient at nourishing your lawn or garden.

When it comes to gardening with your pet, safety always comes first, but by following the above instructions, you may ensure the safety of your pet while still enjoying a lovely garden. Creating a pet-friendly landscape may be safe and fun for you and your four-legged buddy if the proper safety measures are taken. Contact our staff for advice if you have any questions about gardening with pets!